The only wake-up sunrise simulator for the Apple Home app
Sunrise & Shine | Wake-up alarm



Alarms that turn lights on and 
change colours as they brighten.

Daily, weekday, weekend and

day of week recurring alarms.

Support for all HomeKit™ enabled lights, including

colours, natural, and white-only spectrums.

Ability to choose multiple lights

for your wake-up alarm.

No need to keep your iPhone connected or even on. The alarm is programmed directly in your Home hub.

Indicators showing which

lights support colour shifting.

Create a new alarm in under 2 minutes


Set your wake up time and recurrence, 
then choose your lights and you’re done.

Test exactly how it works with 
the smart lights in your home.

With Apple TV or iPad as your home hub,  you don’t 
need to keep your iPhone connected or even on. 

Important: A Home Hub is required for Sunrise & Shine to be able to schedule wake-up alarms and can only be run from an Apple TV 4 or an iPad running iOS10 or later 

Sunrise & Shine | Wake-up alarm
Sunrise & Shine
Mix and match lights from different manufacturers

And use the existing light fixtures in your rooms, with as many bulbs as you’d like to wake-up to, resulting in more lumens being emitted than other wake-up light alarms.

Non-colour smart lights work too


Lights with limited capabilities will adjust from warm to cool temperatures, or brighten from dim to bright. 

Works with Homekit™ enabled colour lights, including Philips Hue, Ikea TRÅDFRI, Nanoleaf, Insipio, LIFX, Sylvania Smart+, LIFX and more.

Do you hit the snooze button on your alarm again and again before getting out of bed?
Add another way to ensure you get up on time and avoid putting another device on your bedside table.