Get festive with your smart lights and other connected home devices.

With smart home technology becoming more and more popular, even the way we enjoy the holidays is evolving. Traditionally, once the tree is decorated we might light a fire, frantically vacuum, then put on a record/tape/cd with our favourite festive melodies. But now, we have new options to make the holidays easier around the house.

Christmas doesn’t feel like Christmas until the tree is up and fully decorated with all your ornaments. But it can look lonely in the room with only a few string lights wrapped around it. Using your smart lights along with the Christmas Spirit App can help spread the holiday cheer beyond the tree and into any room you choose. It will turn your lights red and green with the press of a button or just tell Siri to “set the Christmas spirit” instead.

Remembering to unplug the lights on your tree before you go to bed can be worrisome. For piece of mind, use the iHome or iDevices Wi-FI SmartPlug and control the power from your phone.

Don’t have a fireplace? Many cable TV providers have a 24-hour yuletide fireplace channel. So, even if you’re living in a condo you can get cozy with this on and enjoy the sounds of a burning log crackling.

Keep your space clean without having to pull the vacuum out right before guests come over. The Roomba 690 comes with Wi-Fi connectivity so you can turn the robotic vacuum on or set it to a schedule with your phone. It’s also great for clearing those annoying little needles that fall around the Christmas tree.

Add the final touch to your holiday home with wireless speakers. Sonos Play 1 provides a convenient connected option for filling you and everyone in earshot with the sounds of your Christmas playlist.

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